Well Maintenance & Repair

Well maintenance and inspection - Jacksonville FL

Routine maintenance and inspection of your water well can help protect your water quality, make sure your well is operating properly, prolong the useful life of your well system, and protect your significant investment. More importantly, it can help protect your health. Water quality issues can have adverse health impacts without any noticeable indicators.

Small problems can be identified by performing maintenance, which can save you time and money - similar to performing routine maintenance on your car. If you change your vehicle’s oil at the recommended intervals, the engine will operate reliably for longer. You do not want to become stranded without water to avoid the relatively small cost of an annual service call. Your cost of well repair or water pump replacement could be much higher.

It is recommended that your well is evaluated annually by a licensed or certified water well systems professional.

An annual water well checkup should include:

  • a flow testa water quality test for coliform and anaerobic bacteria, or nitrates

  • visual inspection

  • checking valves

  • electrical testing

  • A written report should be delivered to you following completion of your annual well checkup. That report should include recommendations and any laboratory or other test results.

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Water Testing
Water Testing

Restoring Flow through Water Well Rehabilitation

spigot with water flowing water well rehabilitation
spigot with water flowing water well rehabilitation

A water well’s performance (flow rate and drawdown) and the water quality can deteriorate over time. This is a common experience and a natural occurrence for mechanical structures. However, it is not always as bleak as it may seem. Instead of abandoning the well and installing a new one, we can often “rehabilitate” the well and restore its flows to provide enough water for the household or farm needs.

Several factors are involved in whether well rehabilitation is the right solution, including the ground formation, the construction of the well, and the problem causing the decreased flow.

Sometimes, the area’s water table may have dropped and simply drilling the well deeper is the best solution.

Facts about well rehabilitation: 1) Rehabilitation is not always as straightforward as well drilling, and 2) it can take time to find the solution and regain the flow. In the meantime, an alternative water supply may be needed such as a hauled water tank, or scheduling when the occupants are away.

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